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Python Test


Python test 🐍


def hello():
	return "hello!!"

Return the Next Number from the Integer Passed

def addition(num):
	return num + 1

Area of a Triangle

tri_area = lambda b,h: (b * h)/2;

Hours and Minutes to Seconds

def convert(h, m):
	return h*3600+m*60

Return the Sum of Two Numbers

addition = lambda a, b : a + b

Return the Remainder from Two Numbers

remainder = lambda x, y: x % y

Maximum Edge of a Triangle

next_edge = lambda a, b: a+b-1

**To the Power of _____ **

calculate_exponent = pow

Minutes to Seconds

def convert(m):
	return m*60

Profitable Gamble

profitable_gamble = lambda a, b, c: a*b > c

Is the Number Less than or Equal to Zero?

less_than_or_equal_to_zero=lambda x:x<=0

Find the Smallest Number in a List

findSmallestNum = min

Return the First Element in a List

get_first_value=lambda a:a[0]

Name Greeting!

def hello_name(str):
    return 'Hello ' + str +'!'

Multiple of 100

divisible = lambda n: n%100==0

String to Integer and Vice Versa



Maximum Difference

difference = lambda n:max(n)-min(n)

Find the Largest Number in a List

findLargestNum = max

Difference of Max and Min Numbers in List

difference_max_min = lambda l: max(l) - min(l)

difference_max_min = lambda l: max(l) - min(l)

comp = lambda a, b: len(a) == len(b)

Concatenate First and Last Name into One String

def concat_name(f, l):
	return l+", "+f

Testing K^K == N?

k_to_k = lambda a, b: b**b == a

**Concatenating Two Integer Lists **

def concat(a, b):
	return a+b

Check if an Integer is Divisible By Five

divisible_by_five = lambda n: n%5 == 0

The 3 Programmers Problem


** Is the Word Singular or Plural?**

is_plural = lambda s: s[-1] == 's'

Check String for Spaces

has_spaces = lambda s: ' ' in s

Check if a List Contains a Given Number

check = lambda lst, el: el in lst

**Is the String Empty? **

is_empty = lambda s: not s

# or

is_empty = lambda a: a == ''

Case Insensitive Comparison

def match(s1, s2):
	return s1 == s2.lower()

Convert Number to String of Dashes

num_to_dashes = lambda x: '-'*x

Is the Number Even or Odd?

isEvenOrOdd = lambda n : "odd" if n % 2 else "even"

Slice of Pie

def equal_slices(t, p, e): return p*e<=t


ctoa = ord

Return the First and Last Elements in a List

first_last = lambda x: [x[0], x[-1]]
first_last = lambda lst: [lst[0], lst[-1]]

Return the Last Element in a List

get_last_item = list.pop

**Is the Dictionary Empty? **

def is_empty(d):
	return not d

** Find the Smallest and Biggest Numbers**

min_max = lambda n:[min(n),max(n)]

Re-Form The Word

get_word=lambda l,r:l.title()+r
get_word = lambda l, r: l.capitalize()+r

No Conditionals?

flip = lambda a:not a
def flip(y):
	return y ^ 1

Stack the Boxes

stack_boxes = lambda n: n**2

Sort Numbers in Ascending Order

sort_nums_ascending = sorted

** Check if the Same Case**

same_case = lambda s: s.islower() or s.isupper()

Find the Index

find_index = list.index

Reverse the Case

reverse_case = str.swapcase

Truthy or Falsy?

is_truthy = lambda x: 1 if x else 0

Hashes and Pluses

hash_plus_count = lambda s: [s.count(i) for i in '#+']

Limit a Number’s Value

limit_number=lambda a,b,c:sorted([a,b,c])[1]
def limit_number(x, y, z):
	return y if x < y else z if x > z else x

Next Element in Arithmetic Sequence

next_element = lambda l: l[1]-l[0]+l[-1]


Find the Total Number of Digits the Given Number Has

find_digit_amount = lambda n: len(str(n))

**Missing Third Angle **

missing_angle = lambda a, b: 'acute' if a+b > 90 else 'obtuse' if a+b < 90 else 'right'

** Find the Index (Part 1)**

search=lambda l,i:-1if i not in l else l.index(i)

Count Instances of a Character in a String

char_count = lambda x,y: y.count(x)

Add, Subtract, Multiply or Divide?

def operation(a, b):
	return {a+b: "added", a-b: "subtracted", a*b: "multiplied", a/b: "divided"}.get(24)

Find the Index (Part 2)

search=lambda l,i:-1 if i not in l else l.index(i)

Count Syllables

def number_syllables(w):
	return 1 + w.count('-')

Scoring System

def calculate_scores(txt):
    return [txt.count(c) for c in "ABC"]

**Volume of a Box **

animals = lambda c, m, p: c * 2 + m * 4 + p * 4

Volume of a Box

def volume_of_box(sizes):
	return x*y*z

String or Integer?

def int_or_string(var):
	return type(var).__name__

Reverse a List

reverse = lambda l: l[::-1]

**Word Endings **

add_ending = lambda l, e: [s+e for s in l]

**Same Number of Unique Elements **

same = lambda a1, a2: len(set(a1)) == len(set(a2))

Check if Number is within a Given Range

is_in_range = lambda n, r: r["min"] <= n <= r["max"]

Basic Statistics: Mean

mean=lambda n:round(sum(n)/len(n),1)

Unlucky 13

unlucky_13=lambda l:[n for n in l if n%13]

Total Number of Unique Characters

count_unique = lambda a, b: len(set(a+b))
count_unique = lambda s1, s2: len(set(s1 + s2))

Calculate Determinant of a 2x2 Matrix

calc_determinant = lambda m:m[0][0]*m[1][1]-m[0][1]*m[1][0]

def calc_determinant(matrix):
	[a,b],[c,d] = matrix
	return a*d - b*c

Additive Inverse

additive_inverse = lambda l: [a*-1 for a in l]
additive_inverse = lambda lst: [-x for x in lst]

Sum of Cubes

sum_of_cubes = lambda n:sum(i**3 for i in n)

Recursion: Array Sum

sum_recursively = lambda x: sum(x)

Get Word Count

count_words = lambda t:t.count(" ")+1

Extract City Facts

  name: "Paris",
  population: "2,140,526",
  continent: "Europe"
})  "Paris has a population of 2,140,526 and is situated in Europe"

  name: "Tokyo",
  population: "13,929,286",
  continent: "Asia"
})  "Tokyo has a population of 13,929,286 and is situated in Asia"`
def city_facts(x):
    return x['name'] + " has a population of " + x['population'] + " and is situated in " + x['continent']
def city_facts(city):
	return '{name} has a population of {population} and is situated in {continent}'.format(**city)

Say “Hello” Say “Bye”

say_hello_bye = lambda n, b: 'Hello '+n.title() if b else 'Bye '+n.title()

**Valid Zip Code **

def is_valid(z):
	return z.isdigit()

** Hitting the Jackpot**

test_jackpot = lambda x: len(set(x)) == 1

** Same ASCII?**

def same_ascii(a, b):
	return sum(map(ord, a)) == sum(map(ord, b))

**Palindrome? **

def is_palindrome(txt):
	return txt == txt[::-1]

** Reverse Coding Challenge #3 **

def mystery_func(lst, n):
  return [i % n for i in lst]

**Remove the First and Last Characters **

def remove_first_last(txt):
	return txt[1:-1] or txt

Check if One List is Subset of Another

def subset(l1, l2):
	return all([n in l2 for n in l1])
def subset(lst1, lst2):
	return set(lst1) <= set(lst2)

Capture the Rook

def can_capture(r):
	return r[0][0] in r[1] or r[0][1] in r[1]

Semantic Versioning

def retrieve_major(v):
    return v.split('.')[0]

def retrieve_minor(v):
	return v.split('.')[1]

def retrieve_patch(v):
    return v.split('.')[2]

**Convenience Store **

def change_enough(c, a):
	return a<=c[0]*.25+c[1]*.1+c[2]*.05+c[3]*.01

Hurdle Jump

def hurdle_jump(x, p):
	return x == [] or p >= max(x)

Between Words

def is_between(f, l, w):
	return sorted([f,l,w])[1]==w

Odd Up, Even Down

transform = lambda l: [n+1 if n % 2 else n-1 for n in l]

Check if a String Contains only Identical Characters

def is_identical(s):
	return s[::-1] == s

is_identical = lambda s:s == len(s)* s[0]

Online Shopping

def free_shipping(o):return sum(o.values())>50

Exists a Number Higher?

def exists_higher(lst, n):
	return max(lst or [-1]) >= n

Increment to Top

def increment_to_top(l):
	return sum(max(l)-i for i in l)

Even Odd Partition

even_odd_partition = lambda l:[[i for i in l if not i%2],[i for i in l if i%2]]

** Find the Bug: Checking Even Numbers**

def check_all_even(lst):
  return all(x%2 == 0 for x in lst)

** Smaller String Number**

def smaller_num(n1, n2):
	return min(n1,n2)

** Remove None from a List**

remove_none = lambda l: [i for i in l if i != None]

Repeat the Same Item Multiple Times

def repeat(i, t):
	return [i]*t

Omnipresent Value

def is_omnipresent(lst, val):
	return all(val in i for i in lst)

** Spelling it Out**

def spelling(t):
	return [t[0:i] for i in range(1,len(t)+1)]

List from Comma-Delimited String

def to_array(t):
	return t.split(", ") if len(t) else []

Repeating Letters N Times

def repeat(t, n):
	return ''.join([c*n for c in t])

Generate a Countdown of Numbers in a List

def countdown(n):
	return [n-i for i in range(n+1)]

Filter Repeating Character Strings

def identical_filter(lst):
	return [i for i in lst if i[1:]==i[:-1]]